Crabtree Centenary

It started with a dolly...

One hundred years ago John Ashworth Crabtree designed and patented a quick make and quick break switch. This innovation, which safely managed electric arcs that can occur in switching devices, was the beginning of the philosophy that became the culture of electrical safety for Crabtree.

A lot can change in 100 years. Technology develops, new challenges emerge, solutions are found. But despite it all, the earth continues to turn, and those with a passion continue to design and innovate.

For a business that has weathered the storms of time, changed ownership, evolved its working methods and undoubtedly over 100 years, engaged many staff; one thing hasn’t changed, and that is the drive for new product development – a vital ingredient in the success of the brand.

As it turns 100 in 2019, Crabtree is still a leading brand in the UK, now a Siemens company, it has 100 years of innovation from the early inventions that inspired and evolved into the devices electrical installations would be nowhere without.

When it launched in 1919, Crabtree had a motto: “That which is built soundly endures well”. It was inscribed into the company plaque and rightly so. Crabtree was built soundly enough to provide 100 years of electrical safety to its customers. And with a 100-year solid foundation what else can the brand do in the years to come?


The Crabtree Society

The Crabtree Society was formed in 2000 to acknowledge the importance Crabtree Electrical Industries had been to Walsall in its 80 years association with the town. 

The aims of the society are to provide a social forum for its members who are mainly Crabtree ex-employees and their friends, to maintain the archives of the company and to publish a book on the history of the company.

Discover more about the Crabtree Society here.


See the Crabtree Centenary Video

For Crabtree's 100th Birthday, we've put together a short film showcasing how Crabtree has been an influece and innovator in the electrical distribution industry and has provided excellence in safety for a century.

Watch the video here.



Install the latest from Crabtree

It all started with a switch. From that we produced the first British 13A Twin Sockets, and helped push metal consumer units as a mandatory requirement of the IET Wiring Regulations.

Now, from our Starbreaker consumer units, Miniature RCBO's with switched neutral as standard, arc fault detection devices and panelboards, Crabtree goes into its next century continuing to innovate and provide excellence in electrical safety.

See the latest products from Crabtree here.


Share your Crabtree Stories

Do you remember the first time you used a Crabtree product? Perhaps you;ve used Crabtree all your life? Or you used to work for the business and have fond stories your time?

We want to hear your memories of Crabtree for our centenary celebrations. Simply tweet us at @electriumnews and use #CrabtreeCentenary

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