CASE STUDY - The London Underground

September 29th 2017

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Double the size of the southern ticket hall at Victoria Underground station as part of a £700m transformation, including a new north ticket hall (beneath a major road), with nine new escalators and seven new lifts.

The Brief 

  • Provide the electrical equipment (Wiring Accessories & Circuit Protection) for this and other parts of the project, capable of withstanding 24-7-365 continuous use in an environment.

  • Match the upgrade with aesthetically pleasing designs.

  • Although the area is very difficult to work in, ensure the station stays open throughout the project.


The Crabtree Solution

Aesthetics with durability
Crabtree specified metal plate wiring accessories for the ticketing and front-of-house areas. The aesthetically pleasing design gave a much-needed upgrade to the utility accessories used in the past. More importantly, they offer the exceptional durability to withstand 365 days a year continuous use in an environment where failures are not an option. 

Safe and reliable
In plant rooms housing the electrical distribution equipment, Crabtree supplied robust & durable metalclad accessories for switching and power outlets.

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