Electrium launches Podcast Series

March 4th 2019

Now you can get Electrium on the go with the launch of our podcast series.

With the rise of podcasts in the last couple of years, we have decided to launch our own series to show a different side to our business.

Electrium is one of the UK’s largest electrical installation equipment manufacturing and supply companies and is the parent to the industry leading brands such as Appleby, Britmac, Crabtree, Wylex and Volex Accessories and is proud to be part of the Siemens family.

‘The Electrium Podcast’ will explore the people who make our sector what it is and tell their stories. We’ll also debate the latest topics and get to the heart of what matters to you.

The first two episodes are now live and you can already explore a manner of topics.

Episode 1 – From Chalkboard to Video Screen

In our first episode we speak to Gary Hayers and Joe Robinson from Tresham College in Corby, Kettering. Gary and Joe have been teachers for many years but both have recently found fame in their YouTube series.

Both channels look to teach viewers the various principals in electrical distribution and aim to help both apprentices and full time electricians learn more and up skill their knowledge.

The episode discusses Gary and Joe’s route to getting into the industry, their love of teaching, why they started a YouTube channel and the importance of apprenticeships.

Listen to the episode here.

Episode 2 – Let’s talk about the 18th Edition

Since last year the biggest talking point in the industry has been the big blue book, the 18th Edition.

We’re joined by Mike Cash, Group Marketing Manager for Electrium and Simon Rowlinson, Product Manager for Wylex (a leading brand of Electrium) to discuss the key questions coming out of the 18th Edition so far.

They chat Arc Fault Detection Devices, Transient Overvoltage Protection, RCD selection and more.

Tune into the episode here.

What Electrium Says...

Mike Cash, Group Marketing Manager for Electrium, is excited about the launch of our new podcast series “Here at Electrium we’re exploring new ways of getting great new content to our customers. We believe our new podcast series will give listeners a different insight into the depth of our industry and the numerous people who make it a great place to work. We’d like to thank Gary and Joe for taking their time out of their busy schedule to speak to us on our first episode. We believe our audience will enjoy the episodes we have coming up in the future.”

Where else can I listen to the Electrium Podcast?

The Electrium Podcast is available on Soundcloud, iTunes and Spotify, and listening to the episodes is free. You can even subscribe to the podcast via iTunes and get it straight to your device when each episode is released.

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