How Arc Fault Detection Devices could have prevented a real fault

October 26th 2018

With the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations now in full swing, one of the key additions is the inclusion of Arc Fault Detection Devices.

AFDDs provide protection against arc faults that can lead to electrically ignited fires. There are requirements within the 18th Edition to protect against arching and burning, insulation faults, arc, sparks and high temperature particles.

The use of Arc Fault Detection Devices is recommended as a way of providing additional protection against fires caused by arc faults. Installing an AFDD into your client’s home or building can provide additional safety and peace of mind.

We’ve got a real life story of how the use of AFDD’s could have helped prevent potential hazardous situation in a customers home.

What’s that burn mark?

How about when you notice an unusual mark on an electrical appliance? That’s what happened one day with a customer…

“I had just jumped out of the shower. When I went to turn off the pull cord, I noticed a small burn mark on the plastic case near the pull string.

It’s the first time I had noticed it. The shower had been working normally and I didn’t know if it had just appeared or if it could have been there for a while.

Obviously I knew something wasn’t right. So I turned off the MCB and called an electrician to check it out.

From looking for the fault they believed it could have been a loose connection or that the screw was was clamped onto the insulation causing heat resistance arcing.

It’s a good thing I spotted it; otherwise it could have melted and done some real damage. Especially it being in the bathroom and with an electric shower.”

How would an Arc Fault Detection Device have helped?

In this case, the AFDD would have detected arcing conditions and switched the load off.

The Arc Fault Detection Device would have prevented any further damage.

Get the lowdown on Arc Fault Detection Devices

Here at Wylex, we have the Arc Fault Detection Device ready for your next project, helping you to comply with the 18th Edition of the wiring regulations.

Discover more about our AFDD’s here. 

Need to know more about Arc Fault Detection Devices?

We have a host of help and information in our 18th Edition Area about AFDDs.

We don’t just talk about Arc Fault Detection Devices, we go over some of the new changes to the wiring regulations, what’s happened, how it affects you, what you need to do and our solutions to comply.

Get the lowdown on the 18th Edition here.

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