Wylex launches Miniature Surge Protection Device

April 6th 2021

SPD, Easy as MCB, Simple as…

Wylex have launched an SPD that’s as easy to install as an MCB! Traditionally SPDs have been a bit awkward to install. Too big, use up too much space in the consumer unit, need special wiring, busbar & connection arrangements, and that all takes time and effort.

Great news Miniature SPDs from Wylex overcome all of those difficulties and make fitting overvoltage protection in consumer units as easy as fitting an MCB.

Easy as MCB. Direct Busbar Connection

The Wylex Miniature MCB connects directly to the busbar. That’s how it gets its power. It fits in way 1 of the consumer unit, next to the main switch.

100A Rated

The Wylex Miniature SPD is fully rated to 100A. This is the same rating as the maximum cut out fuse size, and the same rating as the consumer unit and its main switch so the Miniature SPD doesn’t need a back up MCB, or fuse to protect it.

Single Module Wide

This new SPD is only one module wide. It uses just one way in the consumer unit and that means that there are more ways available for household circuits. It also means that the most compact consumer unit can be used. 

Type 2 Surge Protection Device

The Wylex Miniature SPD is a Type 2 device which includes status indicators that show the user if the device has been activated and includes volt free contacts for remote monitoring and/or signalling too.  Replacement cartridges are available, simple plug-in replacements, no need to disturb any connections.

Certified & Fully Compliant

Wylex Miniature SPDs are designed, manufactured & tested to BSEN61643-11 and certified as fully compliant by Intertek.

Overvoltage Requirements for Household Premises

Protection against transient overvoltage is required by the Wiring Regulations for single unit dwellings where the value of the installation and items being protected justifies the small cost of the protective device.

For New & Existing Wylex Installations

Wylex Miniature SPDs fit new and existing installations. The busbar connection fits new & old style busbar shapes & designs. It’s easy to incorporate overvoltage protection into a new design, and simple to retrofit for a valuable upgrade.

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