Why Crabtree has your Arc Fault Detection Device solution

July 24th 2018

Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs) are already a hot topic of the recently published 18th Edition of the IET wiring regulations. We discuss why Crabtree's solution will help with more than complying with the latest regulations. 

To help designers and installers comply with the 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations Crabtree, one of Electrium’s leading brands, has launched a range of AFDDs (Arc Fault Detection Devices) that fit into any new and existing installation with a Starbreaker consumer unit, without the need for special assembly or new busbars, regardless of its age.This caters for the needs of completely new installations, and additions to existing installations.

Electrical fires caused by dangerous arc faults typically occur at loose connections, poor terminations, in damaged leads and cables, or through old, weak and failing insulation. AFDDs can decrease the likelihood of electrical fires from these conditions by detecting the arcing conditions before the overheating and ignition of flammable materials.

AFDDs detect arc faults that will not be detected by RCDs or MCBs. These new devices use digital technology to provide additional protection against fires caused by arcs in AC 230V final circuits.

Crabtree AFDDs constantly monitor and analyse electrical values and lookfor any divergence from normal patterns i.e. divergences that denote a potentially dangerous arc. They are designed and tested to not respond to arcing under normal operation of equipment, for examples vacuum cleaners and drills, whilst simultaneously continuing to respond to arc faults whilst the equipment is being used.

Dave Enefer, Devices Product Manager at Crabtree comments: “Arc fault detection devices should be used to provide additional protection, as well as the other necessaryrequirements for overcurrent, short circuit and earth leakage protection. This is achieved by combining Crabtree AFDDs with the new Miniature RCBO to create a single device that is capable of providing protection against all of the fault conditions as necessary.”

Crabtree Arc Fault Detection Devices combine AFDD technology with MCB and RCD technology in one single device, providing for all of the requirements of BS7671.

Crabtree AFDDs are just two modules wide and the same height as an MCB, so they provide lots of wiring space during the installation and test process. These devices are two pole switching and totally isolate any faulty circuit or appliance by switching off live and neutral under fault conditions providing a much safer environment both while waiting for the emergency electrician, or while the contractor carries out maintenance and repair tasks.

Crabtree AFDDs are designed to fit into all Crabtree Starbreaker consumer units, regardless of age. Crabtree AFDDs are fully backward compatible and can be simply plugged into the fully insulated plug self-connecting busbar system for an easy upgrade with additional protection against electrically ignited fires.

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