With Complements from Wylex for the 18th Edition

February 21st 2019

Wylex have extended their market leading ranges of consumer units to include several new variants that will help designers and installers to meet the varying requirements of the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations.

In the expanded offer there’s a new range of consumer units with integral overvoltage protection for those installations where protection against transient overvoltage is a requirement, or desirable.

There is also a range of individual SPDs in their own enclosures for sites where the SPD is required to be near the meter, but the consumer unit is located elsewhere within the property (these are suitable for new or retrofit applications). 

There are additional consumer unit models with Type A 30mA RCDs rated at either 100A or 80A. These products are ideal for applications where Type A RCDs are more appropriate, and 100A devices are preferred.

These new products complement the existing range of consumer units, all of which are suited to 18th Edition applications too. The new units are available in a variety of configurations including Split Load, High Integrity, and Dual RCD.

As you might expect Wylex has also introduced a full range of AFDDs, with ratings from 6A through to 40A. These devices include MCB technology (B or C curve) and 30mA Type A RCD functions all within one clever little device. 

Whatever your needs for the 18th Edition Wylex can support you and your customers, and if it’s not in the catalogue there’s always the Wylex custom build service.

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