Bi Directional PVCU
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Solar Power, Electrification & Sustainability

Solar Power, Electrification & Sustainability

Electrification involves replacing technologies that use fossil fuels e.g. oil, coal, natural gas with alternatives that run on electricity. Sustainability involves developing & using technologies that use renewable energy sources. Solar Power (PV) is one example, but integrating this technology into our homes can be tricky.

That’s why Wylex offers a range of PV consumer units. Wylex PV consumer units are factory built and pre-wired so that installation time is easier & quicker.

Ready to Install

Wylex PV consumer units include two double pole isolators, one for the grid supply, and one for the solar power supply. Both isolators are lockable.

 Wylex PV consumer units include a 30mA type A, two pole bidirectional RCBO for the power supply to the inverter. Bidirectional devices should be used wherever bidirectional current flow is expected in normal operation.

Wylex PV consumer units are supplied with a DIN mounted electricity meter that will record how much electricity is generated by the PV system. This is more than useful to know it can be a source of revenue if the mains electricity supplier is willing to purchase  excess units (KWh) produced.

PV Consumer Unit Range

The range includes main switch, split load, and high integrity consumer units with up to 14 usable ways, enough for a full installation alongside the PV. Theres also an add on PV only unit for use where the existing consumer unit can stay in service.

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