MCB Exchange

As part of the product recall program, Electrium highlighted a quality issue with the miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) supplied between April 2009 and February 2010. In a small proportion of cases, this may lead to overheating and in rare cases cause a fire.

The only MCB's affected by this recall are those listed in the table below; specifically only those which were supplied between April 2009 and February 2010. Other brands, devices and ratings manufactured outside this time period are not subject to this recall.

Affected MCBs

MCB Rating 6 Amp 10 Amp 16 Amp
Wylex NSB06 NSB10 NSB16
Crabtree (Loadstar) 6M1B06 6M1B10 6M1B16
Volex Accessories VB06 VB10 VB16
Newlec NLMB106 NLMB110 NLMB116
Steeple D2SB06B D2SB10B D2SB16B
Alto AL2751 AL2752 AL2753

Typical Part Number Location

MCBs are usually located within a consumer unit/fuse box and the relevant information is available on the front of the MCB when the consumer unit visor is open.

Safety is of paramount importance to Electrium. As a responsible manufacturer, the company is asking anyone who believes they may have installed (either themselves or an electrical contractor) any of the above devices within the defined recall period, to call the helpline on 01543 455 000.

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