It began with the flick of a swtich.

in 1919 John Ashworth Crabtree designed and patented a quick make and break switch. 

This innovation, which safely managed electric switching arcs was the philosophy that became the culture of electrical safety for Crabtree.

Crabtree offers a wide portfolio of electrical installation equipment solutions. From Domestic and Commercial Circuit Protection, to Wiring Accessoires and Cable Management. 



Single Module Arc Fault Detection Devices

Over 13,000 house fires in the UK are caused by electrical. You want to keep you and your clients properties safe. So do we.

Our latest innovation, the single module arc fault detection device, combines three in one technology in one clever little product: 


A clever little device

It does the job of an MCB and an RCD, and it is able to detect arc faults that other types of technology simply can’t. What’s more, it is the same size as a standard MCB and that means that it can be retrofitted into existing boards to upgrade the levels of protection against electrical fires.

Time to retrofit

This latest product from Crabtree can also be retrofitted into existing Crabtree Starbreaker consumer units. Saving you time on site and helps you get on with more important jobs.

Learn more on AFDDs

There are so many benefits to using arc fault detection devices.

Discover our dedicated section on AFDDs and how they will help you comply towards the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations.

We also discuss the most populat questions on arc fault detection devices on episode 6 of the Electrium podcast:

The Crabtree Range

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