Wylex are a market leading brand in circuit protection.

Established in 1897 as an electrical contractor, later turning its attention to manufacturing electrical accessories at its newly acquired production site in Manchester. 

That site continues to design and manufacture Wylex products to this day. 

We provide domestic and commercial circuit protection in the UK.

There are so many reasons to choose Wylex. Why choose anything less?



Miniature Surge Protection Device

Wylex have launched their latest innovation with their Miniature SPD.

Wylex Miniature SPDs overcome the difficulties you faced in the past and make fitting overvoltage protection in consumer units as easy as fitting an MCB.



100A Rated

The Wylex Miniature SPD is fully rated to 100A. This is the same rating as the maximum cut out fuse size, and the same rating as the consumer unit and its main switch so the Miniature SPD doesn’t need a back up MCB, or fuse to protect it.

More space

Now the size of one module, you've now got more space inside the consumer unit to help with installation.

Time to retrofit

Wylex Miniature SPDs are retrofit compatible and have a direct busbar connection. Another installation benefit.

Learn more on Miniature SPDs

Find out more about Wylex Miniature SPDs and how they can benefit you and your customers here.


The Wylex Range

Check out the latest products from Wylex below...

  20190124123323_0_CU-Web-Button.jpg   20190124123355_0_AFDD-Web-Button.jpg  20190124123406_0_Mini-RCBO-Web-Button.jpg       

                                             125A Stack Lighting and Power MCB Distribution Boards    20190124123511_0_Wylex-Surge-Button.jpg


Check out the rest of the Wylex range below.

Wylex Literature

Wylex publications are available for download straight to your device. Visit our downloads page to discover our portfolio. 

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